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Riot Games and FSL is bringing the VCT Game Changers series to SEA

The event is designed to create new opportunities and exposure for women and other marginalized gender in esports

Rumor: VALORANT Champions may be taking place in Los Angeles

This is based off a shot from their recent Year One Anthem video

KAY/O bursts into the scene with Episode 3 of VALORANT

New agent introduction part of Year 1 celebration which includes battle pass, free giveaway and more

Jett’s Dash will potentially no longer break through Cypher’s Trapwire in VALORANT Episode 3

Cypher players everywhere should be excited.

VALORANT player impersonates FaZe manager in ‘Academy trial’ ruse

The truth finally comes out.

Natus Vincere officially enters VALORANT

The CIS organization has signed its first player.

G2 to reportedly replace pyth with keloqz

Mixwell would reportedly play the sentinel role on some maps if keloqz, another Jett player, arrives.

VALORANT’s Episode 3 will feature sweeping agent and weapon price changes across the board, including Jett and Skye nerfs, Operator buffs

Big changes are coming to VALORANT.

Riot sends out customized spikes to content creators, celebrities to celebrate VALORANT’s anniversary

Us, normal human beings, aren't getting one of those kits.

Riot to introduce a PBE to VALORANT in July

The VALORANT PBE will be valid just for North American accounts, at least for now.

Phoenix takes over VALORANT Instagram account

Not the 'hot' Instagram profiles you're used to.