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The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from each league in a battle to hoist the Summoner’s Cup and earn the title of World Champion. The event moves between host regions each year; this year, teams will battle it out on a tour of four cities across South Korea.



Game 1 – Flash Wolves (LMS) v Afreeca Freecs (LCK)
Projected Winner: Afreeca Freecs
Picks and Bans:

Flash Wolves turn a slow game on it’s head when their Kai’Sa scores a triple

Yesterday the Afreeca Freecs had a poor draft versus G2 and were also out macro’d by the European side. This lead to one of the upsets of the day. On the side of the Flash Wolves, they had a pretty commanding performance versus Phong Vu Buffalo. In the draft, the Freecs focused their early bans versus SwordArt. The Wolves continued the trend but also limiting TusiN’s champion pool. Both teams went deep on their support picks with Shen for the Flash Wolves and Afreeca picking the support Gragas. Again, we saw a team using the Sion pick for the mid lane, this time into Kuro’s Vel’Koz.

In true Afreeca Freecs fashion, the Korean second seed positioned themselves to play a slow pace game. While the Flash Wolves were able to secure the first two kills of the game, they weren’t able to convert those early kills into much a map advantage. It wasn’t until a fight over at baron pit where Betty was able to score a triple kill and allowed the Wolves to take the nashor. From there, the wheels really came of the rails for the Freecs. Afreeca were unable to mount much of an offense against triple tank line up for the Flash Wolves. With their lead, Flash Wolves were able to take down the lead and go 2-0 in their group.


Flash Wolves: 12/2/29

Hanabi: 7 KDA w/ 420 CS
Moojin: 7 KDA w/ 190 CS
Maple: 8 KDA w/ 376 CS
Betty: 10 KDA w/ 473 CS
SwordArt: 9 KDA w/ 85 CS

Afreeca Freecs: 2/12/5

Kiin: 0.5 KDA w/ 409 CS
Spirit: 1 KDA w/ 205 CS
Kuro: 0.5 KDA w/ 398 CS
Kramer: 0.5 KDA w/ 469 CS
TusiN: 0.67 KDA w/ 23 CS

Winner: Flash Wolves

Game 2 – Phong Vu Buffalo (VN) vs G2 Esports (EU LCS)
Projected Winner: G2 Esports
Picks and Bans:

Phong Vu Buffalo reverse the script on G2 Esports

Many thought that Phong Vu Buffalo would spend this group stage, like many emerging regions before them, going 0-6. After the strong performance by G2 Esports had versus the Afreeca Freecs, it seemed like an even larger task for them to score a victory on the day. In the draft, Phong Vu opted into what they thought was the Urgot into Aatrox matchup. However, it was part of a double bait as it turned out that the Ryze pick was going to be flexed top lane and Aatrox would be in the hands of Perkz.

As the game played out, however, it seemed as though G2 had outsmarted themselves. Phong Vu Buffalo played through their bot lane as the ganked that lane repeatedly. The power of Leona into the Rakan match up, proved to be a power point for them as the game progressed. Meliodas’ on Gragas had a lot of great flash Body Slams and superior usage of the Explosive Cask. Despite G2 Esports being able to equalize on kills, Phong Vu’s lead in objectives made it mostly inconsequential. After a second baron take, the overall strength of the Vietnam representatives took down G2 Esports to create the first upset on the day.


Phong Vu Buffalo: 16/10/39

Zeros: 3.5 KDA w/ 309 cs
Melodia: 6.5 KDA w/ 152 cs
Naul: 4.5 KDA w/ 270 cs
BigKoro: 14 KDA w/ 352 cs
Palette: 4 KDA w/ 54 cs

G2 Esports: 10/16/18

Wunder: 1 KDA w/ 376 cs
Jankos: 0.8 KDA w/ 146 cs
Perkz: 4.5 KDA w/ 275 cs
Hjarnan: 3 KDA w/ 357 cs
Wadid: 4 KDA w/ 13 cs

Winner: Phong Vu Buffalo

Game 3 – 100 Thieves (NA LCS) vs Fnatic (EU LCS)
Projected Winner: Fnatic
Picks and Bans:

Fnatic put the script back on track as they take down 100 Thieves

With the surprise upset by Phong Vu Buffalo, the Worlds 2018 script seemed to be in disarray. The desk, however, was undeterred in their thoughts that Fnatic would still take the victory. In the draft, Fnatic were able to link up the Lovers Duo bottom lane while 100 Thieves opted into an Alistar Kai’Sa lane. In the jungle matchup, Broxah’s Olaf would go up against AnDa on Graves. The worrying part of the draft was Caps getting his hands on Irelia.

As the game began, Fnatic scored first blood as Caps was able to take down Ryu solo in the mid lane. From there, he and Broxah linked up in the bottom lane to rout 100 Thieves as a they Fnatic gank turned into a 5 versus 4 team fight as both top laners teleported down. From there, the game became a clinic as Fnatic took their early five kill lead and translate it into control over the map. The Thieves’ final nail in the coffin came after they were defeated around the baron pit, allowing Fnatic to have the baron and ballooning their gold lead. From there, the European first seed made quick work of the North American second seed.


100 Thieves: 1/16/1

Ssumday: 0 KDA w/ 233 cs
AnDa: 0 KDA w/ 155 cs
Ryu: 0 KDA w/ 224 cs
Cody Sun: 0.3 KDA w/ 246 cs
Aphromoo: 0.5 KDA w/ 60 cs

Fnatic: 16/1/29

Bwipo: 9 KDA w/ 216 cs
Broxah: 9 KDA w/ 157 cs
Caps: 10 KDA w/ 277 cs
Rekkles: 7 KDA w/ 329 cs
Hylissang: 10 KDA w/ 8 cs

Winner: Fnatic

Game 4 – Invictus Gaming (LPL) vs G-Rex (LMS)
Projected Winner: Invictus Gaming
Picks and Bans:

Invictus Gaming halt G-Rex’s charge through Worlds with a win on the day

In the Play-In stage, G-Rex looked like one of the two cleanest teams to make their way to the Main stage of Worlds this year. On the opposing side of the rift, Invictus Gaming came into Worlds as the LPL’s second seed and looking as one of the strongest teams at the event this year. In the draft phase, IG threw down the gauntlet as they locked in a blind pick Irelia for Rookie. G-Rex drafted the Varus/Tahm Kench bot lane for both safety and overall utility. Surprisingly for Invictus Gaming, they locked in Zac for Ming to go up against baybay on Olaf.

The game started off relatively slow, with Ming somehow being able to outfarm an Olaf. The first team to make a proactive play was Invictus Gaming as they pull off a four man dive in the bot lane picking up kills on both Scout and Baolan. G-Rex didn’t come up ended handed on the play as baybay was able to get the return kill on JackeyLove. After the explosive play in the bot lane, the game slowed down with teams trading in objectives and IG being able to maintain a modest gold lead. But it was a team fight around baron fight that saw Scout picking up a triple kill and securing the baron for Invictus Gaming. From there, the Chinese second seed made short work of G-Rex as they closed out the game in 27 minutes.


Invictus Gaming: 13/4/37

Shy: 4 KDA w/ 256 cs
Ning: 10 KDA w/ 138 cs
Rookie: 13 KDA w/ 296 cs
JackeyLove: 6 KDA w/ 270 cs
Baolan: 11 KDA w/ 55 cs

G-Rex: 4/13/10

PK: 3 KDA w/ 228 cs
Baybay: 2 KDA w/ 141 cs
Candy: 1 KDA w/ 243 cs
Stitch: 0.75 KDA w/ 220 cs
Koala: 0.5 KDA w/ 36 cs

Winner: Invictus Gaming

Game 5 – Team Vitality (EU LCS) vs Cloud9 (NA LCS)
Projected Winner: Cloud9
Picks and Bans:

Cloud9 show why they’ve been called the pride of North America

The start of Worlds 2018 had been pretty rough on North America with Cloud9, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves losing their first games. On the side of Europe, there was a lot of hope for the region with G2, Fnatic, and Team Vitality opened with wins of their own. In the draft phase, each team traded power picks with Cloud9 adopting the Nautilus pick that they lost to versus Gambit. This time, Zeyzal would get to play the counter pick into Thresh. Team Vitality picked up another strong split push assassin for Jiizuke while Jensen returned to another supportive utility mid with Galio.

Svenskeren showed how proactive he can be in the early game as he linked up with Licorice for two kills on Cabochard. But while the top lane was looking good for Cloud9, in the bot lane Attila and Jacktroll were winning against Sneaky and Zeyzal as they were able to put a lot of pressure on the bot lane tower and blow both of C9’s summoners. After a fight in the mid lane around the 24 minute mark, Team Vitality all but aced Cloud9. At this point, the game was Team Vitality’s to win as they were able to secure objective after objective – beating Cloud9 in every team fight. However, a continued worrying trend is that on both of Team Vitality’s baron power plays they netted a negative gold lead due to smart play on the side of C9.

Cloud9 looked defeated as it seemed that they couldn’t mount an offensive against the European second seed. However after securing a second Elder drake, Cloud9 were able to get a pick on Attila and secure their first baron of the game. With the power of both Elder and baron, C9 were finally able to mount an offensive. As the North American hope continued to seige their base, Team Vitality seemed too afraid to try to counter. With only one nexus tower left, Vitality tried to end C9’s advanced as they attempted to catch out Sneaky. But the C9 marksmen was able to both flash and heal away from the engage and his squad was able to win the fight and take the victory in the longest game of Worlds 2018 so far.


Team Vitality: 16/17/42

Cabochard: 3 KDA w/ 322 cs
Kikis: 2.5 KDA w/ 213 cs
Jiizuke: 5 KDA w/ 430 cs
Attila: 11 KDA w/ 514 cs
Jacktroll: 2.6 KDA w/ 55 cs

Cloud9: 17/16/44

Licorice: 12 KDA w/ 373 cs
Svenskeren: 4.3 KDA w/ 274 cs
Jensen: 3 KDA w/ 422 cs
Sneaky: 4.3 KDA w/ 430 cs
Zeyzal: 2.2 KDA w/ 108 cs

Winner: Cloud9

Game 6 – Gen.G (LCK) vs Royal Never Give Up (LPL)
Projected Winner: Royal Never Give Up
Picks and Bans:

Not the win they wanted but Royal Never Give Up take it none the less

On the first day of Worlds, the former champions Gen.G were upset by Team Vitality. Royal Never Give Up, however, put on a masterful performance as they took down Cloud9. In the draft, Royal banned away Urgot and Aatrox from CuVee and took Tahm Kench away from CoreJJ. To answer, Gen.G would not let the pair of Kai’Sa and Alistar through. For their first lock in, the Korean side locked in Xayah while RNG locked in Sion and Rakan. Having broken up the Lovers Duo – Royal broke out their Sivir as a counter to the Xayah. Gen.G locked in Lulu and Camille for their solo laners and RNG picked up Ryze for Xiaohu and Lee Sin for Karsa.

The early game played out fairly tame with Uzi and Ming able to generate a cs lead and lane advantage without the help jungle intervention. At the seven minute mark, Karsa and Letme linked up for a gank to take down CuVee but with some fancy feet he was able to outplay what looked like a sure fire kill. The game continued to balance on a knife’s edge until a play to catch out Karsa in a jungle invade ended with Karsa’s death but also deaths on the side of Haro and CoreJJ. Despite getting multiple drakes and being even in turret score, RNG looked like they weren’t in control of the game. However, at the 34 minute mark, Letme Sion ultimates into the Gen.G squad and is able to catch out Ruler and CoreJJ, allowing his team to take the remaining mid lane turrets and inhibitors. The game turns into a base race between RNG and CuVee but CuVee has to blink first and return to his own base. Unfortunately, he is too late as Sivir’s turret pushing power and their lack of a marksman spells the end of Gen.G.


Gen.G: 5/8/8

CuVee: 1 KDA w/ 322 cs
Haru: 1 KDA w/ 186 cs
Crown: 5 KDA w/ 332 cs
Ruler: 2 KDA w/ 402 cs
CoreJJ: 0.5 KDA w/ 73 cs

Royal Never Give Up: 8/5/22

Letme: 4 KDA w/ 260 cs
Karsa: 3 KDA w/ 145 cs
Xiaohu: 8 KDA w/ 402 cs
Uzi: 5 KDA w/ 465 cs
Ming: 7 KDA w/ 24 cs

Winner: Royal Never Give Up

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