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This new patch debuts Terizla, the hard-hitting fighter with multiple slow and cc abilities. Terizla can be easily classified as a tank as well thanks to his passive, but he can also go toe-to-toe with most fighters both on and off meta as his damage, skills alone or in combo, is one to be avoided if you’re up against him.


  • Teamfight heavy
  • Durable and less item dependent
  • Deals heavy damage in an AOE


  • Slow movement speed
  • Can easily be kited, blinked out of
  • CC abilities renders his abilities unimpactful

Best paired up with:

  • Burst / Assassin Types – His slow and CC makes teammates catch up and easily finish off enemies
  • Other CC Types – Since he has no innate stun, other types of CC could be helpful and make him more of a damage dealer than an initiator

Bad against:

  • Other CC Types – Any type of slow or CC could make his impact not present, as his skills have limited range
  • Blink Types – He can be easily be flickered out of, considering his ultimate is on cooldown

A quick overview on his skills:

Skill 1 – Revenge Strike: Terizla cracks the ground and the fissure will spread out, dealing Physical Damage. After the fissure hits the first target, it will drill into the target and slow them. At the same time, Terizla’s Movement Speed will increase. The fissure on target will explode, dealing Physical Damage.

Easily a chase/initiate skill, this makes Terizla a more mobile hero considering his movement speed so he could start the teamfight either off an ambush or deciding to fight when retreating.

Skill 2 – Execution Strike: Terizla swings the hammer in sector area and releases many times continuously. Each hit will deal Physical Damage to the enemies and slow them. (This slow effect can stack.)

This would be his main spam, as this skill can be cast thrice and deal heavy damage in a wide area in front of him. Added with the slow from all his other effects, his would deal the killing blow should it be given to him.

Ultimate – Penalty Zone: Terizla jumps to the designated area to smash down, causing Physical Damage and slowing enemies. Meanwhile, he summons Scaffold, which will reach out a hook to the enemies and pull the target, pulling once for a period of time, and causing Physical Damage.

A skill mainly for crowd control purposes, this skill has a pullback effect to any enemy hero it gets hits on for the rest of the team to follow up and kill. An ultimate – skill 2 – skill 1 combo should be enough for a good execute.

Passive – Body of Smith: When Terizla loses HP, his lost HP will be converted to Damage Reduction (It has a limit). Terizla’s Attack Speed will not be increased and per 1% extra Attack Speed will be transformed into Physical Damage.

The lower his health, the tankier he gets. Couple this with damage reduction items like Demon’s Advent and finishing him off could be harder than it looks unless there is pure damage within the enemy team. Another component of his passive is that any attack speed increase would be turned into Physical Damage, enhancing all of his abilities since its physical-based.

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