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Splyce are the fourth and final team to secure Main Event qualification from the 2019 World Championship Play-ins. The LEC third seed played a grueling five-game series against LCL champions Unicorns of Love to punch their ticket to the Group Stage, giving fans arguably the best series of the Play-In Knockout stage.

Splyce were the on-paper favorites in the series, but it was the Unicorns who drew first blood in game 1, despite being behind most of the match. Splyce retaliated by winning the next two games, with ADC Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup stealing the show, but UoL had more fight in them. A fantastic bot lane performance by Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev and Edward “Edward” Abgaryan tied the score and forced a game 5, setting up a potential upset.

The game was balanced for the first 20 minutes, with neither team getting too far ahead, but the closer to late game Splyce got, the more confident they became — this was their comfort zone after all. Splyce started taking more and more objectives and even UoL’s Baron kill at minute 22 couldn’t get them back into the game. Splyce kept pushing their advantage and by the time baron #2 spawned they were 5.2K gold ahead. While their teamfights were never clean, the snowball they had accumulated was just enough to push the series home.

Splyce will continue their Worlds journey in Group B, where FunPlus Phoenix, J Team and GAM Esports are waiting.

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