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Royal Never Give Up’s jungler Hung “Karsa” Hau-Hsuan is on his way to his fifth League of Legends World Championship in a row. His previous showings did not yield to much, however. For the first three years playing for Taiwan’s Flash Wolves, the most Karsa achieved was a top 8 finish in 2015, and 2016 and 2017 ended in disappointing bottom 16 placements. Last year, now part of the storied RNG, Karsa entered the tournament as one of the prime favorites to win it, but once again he and his team suffered a quarterfinal exit.

Now that Worlds 2019 approaches, Karsa doesn’t want to set any goals for himself, the jungler told T-Rex Esports. In the interview, Karsa also spoke about the tumultuous journey RNG have had this year, his happiest and saddest moments of 2019, and the teams he’s looking to face at Worlds.

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You performance has been really good throughout this season, How do you manage to maintain this level of performance?

My playstyle has always been to play safe. As such, even in the games we lost, I wouldn’t make many fatal mistakes. But on the other hand, that also means I am less aggressive.

You’ve qualified for the Worlds, do you feel anything different for this Worlds comparing to previous ones?

To be honest, no. I’ve never missed a single Worlds since I entered the competitive scene. So, I don’t have any special feelings.

In which aspects do you think that you’ve improved the most since you joined RNG?

In all aspects. I think I’m growing steadily both skill-wise and mentality-wise.

In which aspect have you improved the most?

I’d say communication. For a jungler, communication is extremely crucial. As the jungler of RNG, I make more in-game calls and I’m getting much better at communicating.

What’s your goal this year for Worlds 2019?

For this year, I think I’m not going to set any goals. When we set goals for previous Worlds, things got pretty awkward when we didn’t manage to achieve them. So this year, let’s take it one step at a time

Are there any specific teams that you want to meet at Worlds?

To be honest, for now I don’t have any teams in mind. I’m pretty familiar with all participating teams this year, as I’ve played with them already.

Which teams do you think will be tough opponents for RNG this year?

Hmm, I haven’t watched many matches from other region except for LEC and LCK. I think G2, Fnatic, SKT, and Griffin are pretty strong.

What was your happiest moment and what was your saddest moment this year?

The saddest moment was when we made it to the Summer split finals but we didn’t manage to seize the opportunity and take the trophy. As for the happiest moment, I don’t think there has been any so far. I hope Worlds 2019 will be my happiest moment this year.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

I feel I’m repeating the same words every year. [laughs] Big thank you to all the fans for your continued support. We hit rock bottom during the spring split and now we qualified for the Worlds via championship points. It’s incredible. Please tune in for our matches at Worlds and we will work hard to achieve a good result.

You’ve been working really hard this year, is there anything you want to say to yourself?

This year has indeed been pretty difficult, but with Worlds being around the corner, I will fight till the end.

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