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WePlay! Reshuffle Madness 2019 is set to start next week, on the 16th of September with a total of 20 teams from Europe and CIS. The organizers held 12 slots for direct invites which will go out in two tiers. Four squads will start the battle straight from the playoffs while eight others will be joining the open qualified ones in the group stages.

The open qualifiers were held in four waves over the past weekend and featured a total of 263 teams trying their luck in the best-of-one, single elimination brawl. Only the two finalists from each qualifier wave advanced to the tournament. The final eight teams feature big names of the European and CIS scenes, including the Greek fan-favourite team Ad Finem and Aachen City Esports who had Danil “Dendi” Ishutin standing in to help them power through.

WePlay! Reshuffle Madness 2019 open qualifiers winners:


Roster: Nikita “Palantimos” Grinkevich, Yaroslav “Pikachu” Vasilenko, Yevgeny “chshrct” Kostroma, Danil “Bignum” Shehovtsov, Vladislav “BLACKARXANGEL” Ivaschenko


Roster: hAze, ArrOw, olddOtO, b1kA, sad_tomat


Roster: TTR, Imba4, Limitless, Dodjiee, dsr

Aachen City Esports

Roster: V-Tune, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin (stand-in), Damir “Mitch” Škaričić, Nikola “LeBronDota” Popović, Sergey “Ecnart” Slobodyanyk

Burning Fire

Roster: Firestorm, Tixist, Time2Die, Rakuzan, Lodine

Ihniy John Galt

Roster: Arslan “xannii” Shadjanov, Alexander “Nix” Levin, Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin, Epileptic kid, Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov

Nemiga Gaming

Roster: Alexey “Zitraks” Ischenko, Mellojul, Alexey “TheChosenOne” Karanevich, Genadiy “Astral” Motuz, Eugeniy “Fervian” Aksenov

Ad Finem

Roster: Omar “Madara” Dabasas, Tasos “Focus” Michailidis, Dimitris “ThuG” Plivouris, Verros “Maybe Next Time” Apostolos, Giorgos “SsaSpartan” Giannakopoulos

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