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In just a few hours, the GG.Bet Hamburg Invitational will kick off and after a massive team-rebuilding, Gambit Esports have announced their roster for this event and moving forward.

After a fairly decent Dota 2 Pro Circuit season, the CIS squad of Gambit fell extremely short later in the season, with many problems appearing to pop up and as such, following failure to qualify for The International 2019, it was clear that a change was coming. It was not clear just how massive the changes to the team would be, but when they announced their new roster earlier today, only one player remained – Artiom ‘fng’ Barshack.

The full Gambit squad heading into the GG.Bet Hamburg Invitational is:

  • Kiyalbek ‘dream’ Tayirov
  • Danil ‘gpk’ Skutin
  • Maxim ‘Shachlo’ Abramovskikh
  • Danial ‘XSvamp1Re’ Alibaev
  • Artiom ‘fng’ Barshack

Many of these players are already known in the region with gpk having played alongside Vega Squadron at the TI9 qualifiers, Shachlo having played for multiple CIS squads over the years – possibly most memorably for Power Rangers back in 2014. XSvamp1Re may be known from his time with The Pango whilst dream spent the last few months alongside Team Empire. Coming together around a seasoned veteran such as fng could be exactly what these players need and we are hoping to see Gambit have another great DPC season.

The first time we will see this squad in action is in just a few hours when the GG.Bet Hamburg Invitational kicks off – which also features teams such as Winstrike and Team Singularity. The victor of this event will also receive a direct invite to the upcoming ESL One Hamburg 2019.

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