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With about one week to go before the post TI9-shuffle deadline, the Chinese teams are quick to announce their final rosters for the new competitive season.

After Keen Gaming announced last week the acquisition of Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng from Royal Never Give Up and introduced their full line-up, it’s now time for RNG to reveal their roster. There’s been basically two changes made to the team, with both supports being replaced. To fill LaNm’s support position, RNG brought Tianpeng “dogf1ghts” Gao from Invictus Gaming.  Tue “ah fu” Soon Chuan has also been replaced in the RNG roster, however, the organization states in their Weibo announcement that ah fu is set to join another team already.

From RNG’s announcement:

“Former position 5 of RNG, -ah fu-, has been transferred to another club and will start his new journey there. Detailed information will be announced by his new team. Big thank you to -ah fu- for his  dedication and hard work in the past season and we look forward to hearing his name being chanted in the arena again in the future.”

In ah fu’s place, RNG welcomed the scene veteran Chao “Fenrir” Lu who was transferred from Team Aster. Towards the end of the previous season, Fenrir played for Newbee, however, the player was on loan from Aster at that time. Newbee didn’t qualify for TI9 initially, but after all the regional qualifiers were over, they signed the North American team formerly known as Forward Gaming and went on placing 9th-12th in Shanghai, China.

Royal Never Give Up roster from position 1 to 5:

  • Peng “Monet” Du
  • Zhengxiong “Setsu” Gao
  • Lei “Flyby” Su
  • Tianpeng “dogf1ghts” Gao
  • Chao “Fenrir” Lu
  • coach: Xie “Super” Junhao

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