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Jarrad is the name - or Belandrial/Bela, whichever you'd like. I am a massive e-sports fanatic, following everything from Starcraft to Hearthstone, Pokemon to World of Warcraft and of course, Dota 2, Overwatch and CSGO. I reside on the not-always-sunny but never cold Eastern shore of South Africa in a little place called Durban and spend my days staring blankly at raid bosses, working out team compositions, rolling around with my dogs and watching any and all e-sports that I can. (Sometimes all of these things even overlap). I love gaming - be it learning about metas, playing, watching or reading lore, gaming has always been a massive part of my life; and I'm continuing this with journalism and esport writing.

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  • Royal Never Give Up are heading to The International 2019

    China’s qualifier for The International 2019 came to an end today with the region finding its final squad which will head

    Invictus Gaming eliminated; CDEC Gaming finalists

    After brilliant performances through the group stages of The International 2019 closed qualifier, Invictus Gaming failed to win a single

    Four teams remain to fight in the China TI9 closed qualifier

    TI9 regional qualifiers for China were some of the most intense in the current Dota 2 scene with so many massive set to defend their ESL One Hamburg title

    ESL One Hamburg 2019 is currently the first Dota 2 tournament to proceed The International 2019 and the long running

    BOOM ID crash out of SEA's TI9 qualifier

    Southeast Asia’s closed qualifier for The International 2019 have been going on since yesterday with eight of the region’s teams fighting for

    South America's closed qualifier for TI9 is set

    South America’s final open qualifier has wrapped up and the last two teams to join in at the closed qualifier to

    Mason gets a chance to return to The International with Black Sheep

    North Americas second open regional qualifier was decided in the early hours of the morning and with that the closed qualifier

    Newbee and Serenity complete the China closed qualifier roster for TI9

    China’s Regional Open Qualifier #2 for The International 2019 came to an end a few moments ago and with that, the

    FlyToMoon take the first CIS closed qualifier spot

    CIS had some fantastic teams filling its first open qualifier for The International 2019 but only one spot was available

    Synderen and GeneRaL's stack reach the TI9 closed qualifier

    Europe's first regional open qualifier for The International 2019 came to an end last night with three teams reaching the

    The Dota Summit 10 is finally happening

    While we watch the Regional Open Qualifiers for The International 2019 taking place, BeyondTheSummit have sneaked in a little teaser

    CDEC and iG are locked in for China’s TI9 closed qualifier

    Regional Open qualifiers for The International 2019 have been underway since yesterday and two Chinese teams have already progressed through these to